Activision caught again after copy/pasting COD skin

“Hey, Robert… can I copy your homework?” It seems very unlikely that Activision has even bothered to ask former Infinity Ward employee Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling if it’s okay to “copy” his work. In fact, I’m pretty sure they didn’t. Because if they would have, Robert wouldn’t have acted all surprised after seeing his Deadrop character copy/pasted into COD as the Doomsayer skin.

First of all, it’s not that uncommon for developers to borrow assets left and right. Because let’s be honest, practically every character or skin out there has something that isn’t 100% original. And that’s fine. With games being produced in numbers it’s almost impossible to be truly unique. So yeah, we all understand that every character or skin might contain borrowed elements. But…

Copy/pasting is a whole different story. Especially if your work is being utilized without your consent. But the COD team at Activision seems to have a habit of unlawfully borrowing assets lately. After being called out for joinking a cute and cuddly “Loyal Samoyed” skin – which was obviously ripped from the “SAMOYE MEDICAL” artwork by Sail Lin – Activision came clean and told Polygon this ‘misstep’ was ‘regrettable’, pulling the skin from the store.

The similarities between Sail Lin’s artwork and the Loyal Samoyed skin aren’t even subtle. Way to go, Activision!

So, after being reprimanded once for blatantly copying someone else’s artwork, you might expect them to be more cautious. Well… no. Because the new Doomsayer skin in the COD store is basically an exact repeat. Activision might have wiggled itself off the hook by saying it has “the utmost respect for creativity and content creation” last week, but its actions say otherwise.

And once again, Activision isn’t playing it subtle. Posting his artwork for Dr. Disrespect’s upcoming game Deadrop on Juli 2, Robert Bowling couldn’t have ever expected that the COD team would simply take that artwork and turn it into a skin for their game. But guess what… they did.

I mean, dayum. At least put in some effort to hide the fact that you’re copy/pasting shit off of others, Activision. Because even though Robert’s work is far from unique and has a familiar feel to it, you’re not even trying to make it look original. All you’ve done now is upset people. At least you could’ve named the skin after Robert, as he painfully comments on Twitter.

Shame on you, Activision. Twice… Are you really that desperate or do you just like getting sued for stuff?