Abandoned – the not-so Silent Hill wannabe – isn’t abandoned

BLUE BOX Games’ Abandoned – once believed to be tied to Konami’s Silent Hill – isn’t getting ditched. That’s what the developer wants to make abundantly clear. Rumors of a cancelation started spreading after several tweets containing a development roadmap were removed. But according to Abandoned’s Twitter feed, nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth of the matter is this; Abandoned was teased too soon. It’s a phenomenon that occurs to many ambitious developers. You’re new and want to make a grand entrance, reeling in people’s interest. So you show ’em a little of what you’re aiming for. And then, you go silent. Not because you want to, but because you simply haven’t got more to share. And that’s because you hardly started developing anything. All your eggs were in one basket. The teaser basket. I have reason to believe that Scorn owns that same egg-filled basket.

At the moment, this is exactly where BLUE BOX is with Abandoned. Back in April 2021, Abandoned got its first official teaser in the form of an announcement trailer. There wasn’t much to see and just a snippet of extremely choppy “gameplay” was shown. Check it out below if you missed it.

After that, BLUE BOX went to work to make sure it had something to show next time around. That next time became August, when disaster struck. When presented with a 5GB trailer in the Realtime Experience PS5 app, you’d expect to see something substantial. Instead, viewers got a 5-second clip, showing nothing interesting once more. According to the studio’s FAQ, it wasn’t their intention to mislead. The file size was merely a result of technical difficulties.

So yeah, BLUE BOX hasn’t really been making a great impression so far. People were expecting to see a cancelation any day because of this rocky start, and Twitter almost gave them a reason to believe it had arrived. To be fair, when you remove all mention of a possible release window, you are sort of asking for it. But that really isn’t the case, according to the team. They’re just having a hard time developing and really can’t give estimates anymore.

So, whaddaya say we leave those poor bastards at BLUE BOX alone now? Maybe – if we’re patient – we’ll get treated to a 10-second clip next time…