“A smaller-scale, stealth-driven Assassin’s Creed is underway”

Remember when Assassin’s Creed was all about stealth and not so much about vast open worlds and RPG-like gameplay? Pepperidge Farms remembers, and apparently, so does Ubisoft. Yes, Ubisoft, the French company that turned a magnificent stealth-based franchise into a dime a dozen RPG, still knows what Assassin’s Creed used to be about. For all of you who have given up on the series because of Ubi’s chosen path… there might be hope. A smaller-scale, stealth-driven game might soon reveal itself. But you didn’t get that from me. Ubisoft is allegedly keeping it on the q.t.

According to Bloomberg, an Assassin’s Creed project with the codename Rift is planned to release very, very soon. Starring Basim, one of Valhalla’s key characters, Rift was supposedly developed to be an expansion for Valhalla. But then, someone decided to make it a stand-alone game. At least, that’s what Bloomberg reports. As for Ubisoft, they’re not too keen on commenting on this rumor as it might “do a disservice to their development teams and community”.

If Bloomberg’s report is something to go by, Rift will see the light of day before the previously announced Infinity. There’s even word of late 2022, 2023 tops. That’s great if you ask me. Awesome way to fill the gap and an even better way to start saying goodbye to the good old concept of Assassin’s Creed. Call me sentimental, but I can relate to Don Vito when I see my beloved franchise being massacred by Ubisoft. And honestly, I don’t see how this massive online project called Infinity is going to save AC’s reputation.

But hey, maybe somebody at Ubisoft has seen the light, or will at some point. Assassin’s Creed’s salvation might be just around the corner. If we can look past Valhalla’s Dawn of Ragnarök DLC and all the stupid (unicorn) skins we’ve seen lately, AC might someday return to its roots. You know, when the storyline was still plausible and somewhat credible…

Nah, who am I kiddin’