Call of Duty might go Back to the Future, so to speak

Great Scott! There’s word that Call of Duty might be heading towards a boots-off-the-ground concept once more. According to Ralph Valve – someone who knows his shit when it comes to CoD leaks – Sledgehammer Games could be working on Advanced Warfare 2. And that makes sense because that’s exactly what was missing in their latest attempt, Vanguard. Exosuits and jetpacks.

Well, you can’t blame Sledgehammer for dropping the boots-on-the-ground thing altogether. They’ve traveled down that path with Vanguard – a sure hit on paper – which ultimately aged like fine milk. Maybe people are just over WW2 and authentic, traditional shooters. So why not go the other way by following up on 2014’s Advanced Warfare?

And sure, there’s probably going to be some group of gamers who’re not in the mood for a futuristic Call of Duty. The entire Boost Jump, Boost Dash, and Boost Slam gameplay wasn’t meant for everyone. Then again, neither was the ‘kill the Krauts’ approach in Vanguard. So whatever the case may be, it’s never going to please everyone.

Anywho, if we’re to believe Valve on his word, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 2 won’t be the 2024 installment. That spot is being reserved for Black Ops developer Treyarch. Instead, it’s allegedly slated for a 2025 release. And if things pan out the way we expect them to go, Warzone might also get a futuristic touch by that time.

Oh well, let’s focus on Modern Warfare 2 first, shall we?