17-year-old teen got nicked in GTA 6 data breach case

The UK police might have found the cheeky bastard behind the recent hugemungous GTA 6 data breach. The City of London Police has come forward, confirming that the 17-year-old lad who got lifted past Thursday is indeed being charged with two counts of breach of bail conditions and two counts of computer misuse. Someone’s been a wee bit naughty, innit?

Now, the British popos aren’t literally saying that A.K. – whose real name is kept disclosed because of his age – is the bigwig behind the entire ordeal. According to their statement, he’s merely being charged with ‘suspicion of hacking’. But Journalist Matthew Keys isn’t too afraid to connect the dots. According to Matthew, A.K. has been building quite a reputation when it comes to cybercrime. On Twitter, A.K. is being exposed as a member of a group called Lapsus$, who’ve been known for buggering Microsoft and Nvidia earlier this year. A.K. is the one holding the fish, in case you might wonder.

17 years, blimey. I remember being all self-conscious at that age, gathering all my courage to ask anyone out for a date. But nowadays, 17-year-old kids have no issues with putting the squeeze on Take-Two Interactive after stealing their GTA 6 data. Damn… times are changing.