Twelve EA games get boosted to 120hz on Xbox Series X|S

If you’re one of those framerate junkies, I’ve got some gr(EA)t news for you. Twelve of EA’s blockbuster titles are getting a nice 120Hz framerate bump on the Xbox Series S and X. Ah, those buttery smooth images. They almost make you forget about EA’s shenanigans.

So, which EA games are we talking about? Let’s see. We’ll start with Battlefield 1, 4, and 5. Both Star Wars Battlefront games are also on the list. The Titanfall games have also made it on there. Three Plants versus Zombies games (both Garden Warfares and Battle for Neighborville) can also count on an upgrade. Last but not least, Unravel 2 and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will also benefit from the FPS Boost mode.

To make sure that you’re actually benefiting from this boost, you’ll have to make sure your TV or monitor is up for it. To check if FPS Boost is enabled, tapping the Xbox button on your controller will be the only step to take. A guide overlay indicator will tell you exactly if you’re using the feature. The same goes for Auto HDR. If you’d like to know more about these features, feel free to hop on over to Microsoft’s page.

There you have it, twelve more games added to the ever-expanding list of 120Hz goodness. Other games presented in this divine framerate include Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs 2, and several Bethesda games. These Bethesda games are even free to download if you’re a Game Pass member. Lucky you. Free and 120 frames per second. What a day to be alive.